A Day Gone Wrong

Today, I lost my job. I was fired with kind words on paper… I remembered my heart skipping a beat when the head teacher told me the administrator wanted to see me. For the past two weeks since I had been there, it had been one thing or the other and I was quite sure […]


Photography by Dhammie Concept… Mama had sent me to get ekor from Mama Dami’s place. She told me to hurry as it was breakfast for everyone. I quickly went out in the knickers and red top I already had on and did not bother with slippers as I did not have any that was not […]

Forget Them Not!

Forget them not, The ones whose lives were stolen In the early hours of that Abuja morning Forget them not The girls whose dreams met with mares amidst the wakefulness of the Chibok night Those whose souls constantly float Through the tunnel in the same vain, Forget them not. Remember his last words, Remember her […]