Forget Them Not!


Forget them not,

The ones whose lives were stolen

In the early hours of that Abuja morning

Forget them not

The girls whose dreams met with mares

amidst the wakefulness of the Chibok night

Those whose souls constantly float

Through the tunnel in the same vain,

Forget them not.

Remember his last words,

Remember her last smile

Remember those who never got the chance

To be remembered in their moments

Aye – even if you can’t remember their first names

I beg of you, Forget them not…

Remember the news was made by their news

Remember their stories are being told far beyond our shores

Let not their remembrance

Slide to the vault of our memory

Only to be referred to like a dictionary

When we check for the meaning of haramic territory

Fellow compatriots!

With love for your fatherland

Remember to forget them not.


* Much love and thanks to Oreva Duke, a poet in his due right who contributed to this.


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