Boom! She clacked…

Zee avi

Recently, at an event I attended – Farafina’s literary evening, there was this dance group (I don’t know their name but they dance really well) that performed to a Spoken word poetryrendered by Efe Paul. They somehow found a way to mash up choreography with poetry using an apt chorus that stole my attention from the stage where all the entertainment was happening.

“I have to find her.” I said to myself, a little too loudly such that Oyin, my friend seated beside me had to show concern. “Who?” she queried. “Whoever the genius behind this song is”. I replied.

Without fussing any further, I whipped out my smart phone. And so did she. She came up with the name first. No thanks to my network providers.

Zee Avi – The name of the beautiful mind that wrote and did justice to the song vocally. The song is titled, ‘Concrete Wall’. Her voice texture is quite like Lana Del Ray’s only it’s not as sad. It’s enchanting, giving life to her words such that the story unfolds before your mind through your ears. The song is, in her words, “passive aggressive”. Subtly but definitely impressing itself on your memory.

The album compilation from which the song ‘Concrete Wall’ was slotted in is a few years old. It’s titled ‘GHOSTBIRD’ was released, August 2011. Prior which she had released a self-titled album in 2009.

She leans towards the indie rock genre where she shows off her instrumental skill with the acoustic guitar and ukulele.

Some other songs I particularly fancy from this ‘Ghostbird’ album are :-

31 Days

The Book of Morris Johnson

Roll Your Head in the Sun – This one had a raggae flavour to it.

Check her out, enjoy and knock yourself out.



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